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Guest Author & Giveaway with Daniel Lance Wright on Paradise Flawed

5 copies, either Kindle version or a PDF copy of Daniel Lance Wright's Paradise Lost.

Leave a comment about the above Interview or my review of Paradise Flawed and you will be entered to win 1 of 5 copies of Daniel's book! I am able to offer Kindle additions as well as PDF's

Open to all, winner will be picked on 01/20 via

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  • MORE HEAT THAN SWEET - NEW Erotic Ebooks Site Opens Its Doors!When Jeff Hicks opened 1RomanceEBooks back in June, it gave a chance for Indie Authors like myself, as well as already-established publishers like MLR Press, Aspen Mountain Press and a host of others to list our work in a new, exciting venue!
He is continuing the new tradition, with the opening of 1EroticaEBooks, a sexy new site dedicated to erotica with more heat than sweet. You can still find romance here, but the focus is on harder core erotica, not necessarily happy ever after. I hope you'll check it out. I've listed some of my darker works that explore the dangerous fantasies of the non-consensual realm, including The Toy, Obsession-Girl Abducted, Frog, Golden Angel and more! So click here and check it out!

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A huge thanks to Cherry Mischievous for a lot of these contests. If you haven't check out her Contest Blog, I suggest you do! You won't be sorry!!

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I am having some serious formatting issues so I am going to have to enter a new post everyday, which is a stinker.... so with that being said, please don't forget to scroll down for all the contests!!!

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