Giveaway! DARK WARRIOR UNBROKEN by Alexis Morgan

Ok, Alexis Morgan ROCKS! Well at least I think so! One lucky person will win an autographed copy of DARK WARRIOR UNBROKEN by Alexis Morgan! How you say, well Alexis Morgan guest blogs on Silk & Shadows so stop by and ask a question or leave a comment for Alexis, author of the Talions Series, for a chance to win a copy of Dark Warrior Unbroken. No Deadline given. ENTER HERE
SNIPPET: "He’s on a mission for justice.
Sandor Kearn is the Talion Enforcer tasked with policing his people, the Kyth. His latest assignment is the new killer stalking the streets of Seattle. But while Sandor is hunting the Kyth renegade, someone else is hunting him.
She’s’ on a quest for the truth.
When Lena Wilson’s mentor died investigating an arson case and the police ran out of leads, she vowed to find justice herself. Lena—who doesn’t know that she is part Kyth—has the ability to see fragmented flashbacks of the crimes she’s investigating through her sense of touch. And when she meets Sandor, she feels suspicion—and desire—like she’s never known.
It’s only a matter of time before they touch . . .
With dark forces closing in, Sandor must keep Lena from digging deeper and exposing the existence of the Kyth. The only way is to convince her of his innocence. But how can he, when he can’t keep his hands off her??


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