Giveaway! First 3 Books of Janny Wurts' "The Wars of Light and Shadow" Series

Giveaway! First 3 Books of Janny Wurts' "The Wars of Light and Shadow" Series! Interested? Well, then hop on over to Sci-Fi Fantasy Girl and enter to win!!! ENTER HERE

Below is from The Curse of the Mistwraith by Janny Wurts

SNIPPET: "The first volume in the Wars of Light and Shadow starts with the capture of Arithon s'Ffalenn, the last s'Ffalenn, following a vicious sea-battle with the s'Ilessid enemy. The s'Ilessid King is determined to make Arithon pay for the past generations of bloodshed between the two kingdoms and the insult of the King's wife, mother of Lysaer, who walked out and had an affair with the s'Ffalenn King which resulted in Arithon. Arithon is exiled through the Worldsend gate with Lysaer. Forced to survive in a desert, they unknowingly drink from an ensorcelled fountain that gifts them with a lifespan of five centuries.
Newly arrived on the world of their ancestors, Lysaer and Arithon put their differences aside to learn more about their new world and the kingdoms they are due to inherit. But the world of Athera is in trouble, it is under the spell of the Mistwraith, a monstrosity formed on another world and the Atheran townborn make sport by hunting down clansman. Arithon and Lysaer vow to correct the horrendous bloodshed but in defeating the Mistwraith, it curses them to hatred without bound for each other and Arithon flees his failed coronation to seek safety amongst the clans. The Fellowship, whose continued existence and the return of the magical Paravians, is bound up in two princes, are helpless to stop the war that rages as Lysaer's army seeks Arithon and the barbarian clans that hide him..."


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