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To celebrate the 2nd anniversary of her message boards, Patricia Briggs’ online community is organizing a crazy month of giveaways beginning at midnight tonight:
Starting Sunday, July 25th and running through Tuesday, August 25th, there will be a give away each week. You can enter each week for a new chance to win the books for that week, but please, only one entry per week. The giveaway will culminate with five grand prizes: three copies of Hunting Ground, the second book in the urban fantasy Alpha & Omega series; the hard cover compilation of the Mercy Thompson graphic novel mini series, Homecoming, and a single edition, Mercy’s Garage mug. There are some limits on international shipping, so please check each week’s giveaway for exact details.

The current schedule of books to be given away (subject to change):

week 1 : Dragon Blood, Dragon Bones (US edition)

week 2 : When Demons Walk (US edition), Steal the Dragon (US edition, new cover art), Cry Wolf

week 3 : Moon Called (US edition), Blood Bound (US edition), Iron Kissed (US edition), Bone Crossed (UK edition), issue #4 of the Mercy Thompson comic mini series, Homecoming

week 4 : Three copies of Hunting Ground, a hardcover compilation of the GN, Homecoming, and a test model of a Mercy’s Garage mug.

You do need to be a board member to join. Joining is free and it takes only a few minutes to register and join in the celebration. We hope to see you there!


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