Review & Giveaway: One Scream Away by Kate Brady

Readaholic is running a contest to win a copy of One Scream Away by Kate Brady. Head on over HERE and enter to win and read her review as well!!! Good luck
SNIPPET: "Beth has lived a life of tragedy. She lost her husband, mother and father all on the same day. Now, Beth's life is in danger. A sadistic serial killer, Chevy, has his eye on her and is determined to get what he wants. Beth can't go to the police. Her and Chevy have a history. She has a secret and she promised never to tell. Now she and her daughter are forced to pick up and take off.Neil used to be employed by the FBI and has been asked to work as a consultant on Chevy's murder spree because of the similarities of a previous case. Beth becomes a suspect because Chevy has used his victim's cell phone to call her. Neil knows there is something Beth isn't telling him but pretty soon Neil starts to fall for her. Will Beth open up and let him help her or will she fight the maniac all by herself?"


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